Log is ecological and beautiful choice for all buildings. According to research, log houses have exceptionally good indoor air.


Massive log construction is balancing the humidity and warmth in a room’s air. Hirsiset uses best arctic pine to ensure a construction which lasts generations.

Wood is warm and genuine natural material. Wood is the best choice of building material because it is 100% renewable. Using wood means that the carbon footprint and environmental impact of a building are highly reduced. Wood binds carbon dioxide (CO2) twice as it’s weight. Hirsiset house stores many tons of carbon dioxide and is a real eco action against climate change.


What kind of log do you prefer in your house?

We have a large variety of many dimensions and many log types.

Hirsiset delivers your house with the type of log and the dimension you choose, depending of the requirements.



Hirsiset house delivery consists of high quality raw materials and exceeds the requirements of Hirsitaloteollisuus Ry (Log house manufacturers union’s) instruction card. The factory is bound with quality control system ISO 9001:2000, which makes sure that you as the customer get exactly the house you have ordered.


Visible parts of wood in Hirsiset log houses are slowly grown pine of the north, the nice looks and characteristics of which are famous around the world. The wood is bought from wood refining factory in the north, whose specialty is wood qualities prepared by client’s quality requirements. Thus our customers receive best quality materials.


The corners of the log house can be made in many different ways. Different corner types can easily change the look of the house. Hirsiset corner joints are not only the tightest in the market, but also beautiful to look at.


We have in production four different corner types.

Traditional long corner

Traditional long corner, which is most popular in machine made log houses.

Dove tail corner

Dove tail corner, imitating the tradional hand made corners. With dove tails the house has no protruding corners, and is thus allowed in building areas where those corners are forbidden.

Box type corner

Box type corner differs from the traditional long corner so that the ends of the crossing logs extend only a few centimeters over the corner and the corners are covered by the glued boards.

City corner

City corner is made without visible corners, and the log layers are running in the same level on all walls.