The materials included in the delivery are selected according to your wishes. The basic delivery is compiled from familiar and safe materials, but you can choose to include material grades that better meet your individual needs. Such can be, for example, non-standard door and window designs or different interior surface materials.

Planning & Design

Design starts with a conversation with the customer. Our staff has the knowledge of different possibilities and a strong experience in the practical implementation of your dream house. We will be happy to assist you in all phases of design.

Log houses are planned with programs that enable flexible design and production based on your wishes. Planning information is directed to production lines electronically and automatic machines carve the log units according to your wishes.

Planning is always made in interaction with the customer who can check before production start the plans are according to his order.



In today’s log house factory, houses are not made into a warehouse, but directly for delivery to the customer and almost always according to the customer’s individual wishes. Customer’s wishes and fast deliveries are at the heart of construction. That is why the planning and production must be efficient and flexible.

The desired result is the result of successful details. Accurate design reduces problems on site and enables efficient pre-production, which shortens installation time.



In a building project it is important that the house delivery is on site in agreed time point, whether it’s in Finland or abroad. In hauling the houses Hirsiset uses reliable partners who transports the house packages to the building site in time. The house parts are in packages which protect the wooden parts. Thus the goods arrive to site undamaged and clean.


The assembly of a Hirsiset house requires some knowledge in building and you will succeed if you are careful. You will have assembly instructions with the house delivery, as well as good images of all structures. The package includes many ready-to-install wooden parts, which are quickly and easily assembled.

If you wish we help in finding a professional crew to erect the house, or send an expert in log house supervision to advice in building the house.